Hsu Tzu-Kuey + AKUI Art Museum

Hsu Tzu-Kuey

Principal of Taipei Hwa Kang Arts School. Professor & Chairman of Department of Fine Arts and President of College of Fine Arts, Tainan University of Technology. Hsu’s works have been exhibited in hundreds of exhibitions worldwide, and as permanent collection of galleries and museums in Taiwan and overseas.


AKUI Art Museum

Founded in August 2015, the AKUI Art Museum provides a home to the works of Hsu Tzu-Kuey (Akui), spanning the artist’s career from university through his New York period to his later years in Taiwan. Although small, this crowded, 300m2 exhibition space is an homage to the ideals embodied in the earliest art galleries. The AKUI Art Museum preserves representative items from every period, major exhibition, and creative phase of Hsu’s career. The museum also regularly lends items from its permanent collection for exhibition around the world.

Self-Portrait – Fly with Me

Mixed Media

Acquiring the ability to fly is a quintessential dream of mankind that represents freedom and liberation from earthly cares. Everyday life is weighed down by responsibilities and worries. Wouldn’t it be great, just for once, to take to the skies and fly off to a carefree paradise? In this work, the left hand invites the viewer into this dream while the right arm has already become a bird’s wing. From the side, the body and legs of this otherworldly creature give it the look of a great bird ready to spread its wings and ride the winds.

Self-portrait – Blue Spider

Mixed Media

Spiders are predatory creatures with an atypically passive approach to hunting. They set traps and wait patiently for a nutritious meal to ‘step in’. The artist of this work sees more than a bit of himself in this aspect of spidery behavior, trusting that his artistic efforts are sufficiently merit-worthy to wait for others to take note and seek him out. Thus he, like the predatory spider, waits patiently for opportunity to knock.

Bigfoot Zodiac Creatures

Mixed Media

Everyone has a companion Chinese zodiac sign. The ‘bigfoot’ theme in this set of creative art pieces symbolizes the positive footprint that all of us have the potential to make in society. Each fuses elements of a zodiac animal with the human form, creating images that are downright adorable. The hand gesture that each character is making corresponds to its position in the Chinese zodiac pantheon.

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