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Abandoned Temple

It doesn’t matter whether you are the divine, the living, or the dead. We will inevitably meet because we are all the abandoned ones.

Format: VR Interactive
Running Time: 9 min
Production Year: 2018
Presented by: Kaohsiung Film Archive
In Asssociation with: Dramaholic Media Studio
Photo Source: VR Film Lab
Gin, a little girl wakes up in an Abandoned Temple which is filled with wretched divine statues. Out of the blue, a dark shadow slides into one of the statues, and the holy goddess, Mazu, starts speaking from above. Following the blockbusters The Tag-Along 1&2, Golden Horse Award winning director Cheng Wei-Hao creates a whole new piece in virtual reality.This time, the mysterious creatures will go beyond the screen, whispering, fleeting and digging into the horror secret of Gin with you.

Cheng Wei-Hao

Graduated with a master’s degree in film from National Taiwan University of Arts. Cheng made his name with the short, The Death of a Security Guard (2014), which won Best Short Film at the Taipei Film Awards and the Golden Horse Awards. His 2015 feature debut, The Tag-Along, was a major box office success and received four nomination at the Golden Horse and won two Taipei Film Awards. His second feature, Who Killed Cock Robin, received five Golden Horse Award nominations.

Director Statement

As my first try with VR as a storytelling media, I designed this 3D abandoned temp as the main set. Different from the existing impression of temples, this one is forgotten, haunted, creepy, and full of wrecked, abandoned divine statues, that were once worshiped. No matter whether you are the divine, the living or the dead. Regardless of how you got here, tonight, we gather together, because we are the abandoned.

The main heroine is a little girl. We will see the world with her perspective, to meet the divines, and to experience a touching journey with her.

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