Chen Hui-Yun

Director of Fevervine Dance Theatre. Assistant Professor of Tamkang University. Born and grew up in Tainan city, Chen regards herself as a genuine ‘Tainaner’. After completing her Ph.D in Drama degree from University of Exeter in the UK, She began to co-operate with her mother – Hsu Chun-Hsiang, also the head of Fevervine Dance Theatre, and Hu Tzu-Yun, the resident director of Fevervine. By cultivating family memories, culture, and literature of Tainan city, they attempt to build up the aesthetics of dance theatre, which can embody the ‘Taiwaneseness’. Their recent works are as follows: Tainan in the Night (2018), Mi̍h-Kiānn (2018), The Well (2017), A Taiwanese Girl – HUANG Feng-Zi (2016), Tainan Scenery – Dew, Wind, and Soil (2016), Spirited Away of Tainan (2015), A Love Story in Showa Tainan (2015), etc.

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