Chiaoschiaos has promoted homegrown stories of Taiwan through its publications, interdisciplinary partnerships, and cultural-creative products since 2012. The company’s illustrations breathe vibrant, new life into iconic Taiwanese legends, myths, paranormal tales, popular fantasies, mythical creatures, and folk gods. Representative works include Taiwan Monster Topographies (2014), Monsters of Taiwan – Giants (2015), the Taiwan Monster Brawl (2016) tabletop game (earned NT$2.29 million in crowdfunding support), and the illustrated book of Taiwanese creation myths Monsters of Taiwan – Monster Island (2017). The latter was a 3×3 Magazine 2018 Professional Show Winner in the Professional Published category and featured in 3×3 Illustration Annual No. 15. Most recently, Chiaoschiaos published Stories of Deities from Taiwan, a graphic novel series on Taiwanese folk gods, in 2018.

Stories of Deities from Taiwan

Computer Aided Design
1175 X 303cm

This collection of visually stunning illustrations is rooted in the rich soils of Taiwanese folklore and mythology. The images touch on 19 different tales, including the Tsou story Great God Hamo, The Double Kneed Stranger, Goddess Nu-Nu Creates Mankind by the Riverbank, the Atayal story The Giant Wood & Stone Tree, the Paiwan origin story Dragon Snake Incubates the Sun and Creates the Paiwan Nation, The Sun Impregnates a Clay Pot to Create the First Man and Woman, Children Eaten by Vengeful Snake Wife Become Immortals, Spirit Cat Scratches Mankind from the Earth, and Chanting the Creation.

The Taiwan Monster Brawl

Computer Aided Design
122 X 177cm

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