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Engine Studios is a collective of media professionals, artists, filmmakers, and producers centered around both creating original content for all entertainment and providing support for the ideas and creations of other artists and companies in the local and global community. Engine Studios was founded on the mission to bring together a diverse group of creative talent in the media industry to generate alternative, cutting-edge ideas and then bring those visions to life.

Director: Vick Wang

Animation director and CG artist. His 3D CGI animation shorts NOBO were selected by 2003 SIGGRAPH Art Gallery. Animated TV series MuMuHug has been recognized by more than 20 animation awards, including SICAF 2009 and Annecy 2010 for the official competition film. He also received two Golden Bell Awards as director and producer for animated series Flying Squirrel Tribe and Go Go Giwas.

Monster City of the Dreams

360 Degree Interactive Installation
8M wide (interior diameter), 290cm high circular space
Director: Vick Wang. Images from exhibitors in Yao-Chi City Exhibition.

Cities are organic forests of tremendous hidden energy. Across the passage of time … through rejuvenations, expansions, degenerations, and reorganizations … unarticulated energies reverberate imperceptibly through our cities in a myriad of different forms. One of these, the collective fear of the unknown, finds an outlet in imaginings on the countless curious, ghoulish creatures that haunt the shadows of our city forests. Worn down by time’s abrasive flow, the boundary between humans and their paranormal companions has blurred, leaving us all inadvertent residents of ‘Yao-Chi’ City.

The secretively shuttered windows of our cities open to the passing of curious strangers, inviting glimpses of the ghoulishly odd creatures that call our cityscape ‘home’. They come in all shapes and sizes, like the diversity found in us ‘normal’ urbanites. The question remains whether these creatures shelter in the recesses of our sprawling cities or along the thin shell of our own human nature? The city awaits … Find out for yourself.

Within this 360o full-field panoramic projection of a city scene, infrared sensors let each visitor interact with each section to reveal, one after another, the paranormal creatures hiding within.

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