Chen Guan-Liang

Chen was born into a budaixi (hand puppet) theater family in 1962 and learned the hand-puppet art form from his father Chen Lai-Fu. Interested in painting from an early age, he studied under many of Taiwan’s best set painters of the mid-to-late 20th century and wove the characteristic stylings of each into his own unique artistic style. He is now one of Taiwan’s best-known set painters, renowned for his artful use of bright colors. A steadfast holdout in this sunset industry, he is the master set painter for many of Taiwan’s most successful theater companies. Hundreds of his masterfully created sets have been featured and enjoyed in performances across the nation.

Ruffling Celestial Feathers

Triptych、Fluorescent Paint
360 x 300cm

From social collapse arises new generations that pick up the pieces and move on. Although we may think that we live narrowly encoded lives, our desires give us no rest. In destroying nature and overseeing the mass slaughter of life, mankind has secured his position at the pinnacle of the food chain and, in doing so, is transforming gradually into a celestial creature.

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