Kent Chang + NARLabs

National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC, NARLabs)

Founded in 1991, Taiwan’s only national-level supercomputing center and now a member of National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs). The NCHC possesses a large computing and networking platform facilities for use by academia and the general public. The NCHC plays a leading role in Taiwan’s cloud technology services by integrating high performance computing, storage, and networking to provide cloud services in storage, big data analysis, and scientific and engineering simulation.


Kent Animation Digital Independent Production, Inc.

Director: Kent Chang
Since our founding on September 22nd 2000, we use novel technologies to achieve breakthroughs on visual imaging. In 2010, we initiated the planning of our feature film project. Finally, in 2013, we completed our original animated movie Mida. In the future, we will continue to employ original content in Mandarin with the newest digital animation technology to form a “story factory” of laughter and amazement.



Animation + iFlyover Geographic Information System

In recent years, an increasing number of authors and illustrators have explored the relationship between Taiwan’s ‘monster heritage’ and local folk and cultural traditions from a variety of perspectives. The A-nger installation applies technology to create the conceptual imagery necessary to get visitors to open their imaginations and curiosities about the wonderfully bizarre worlds in our midst.

The cross-sectoral, cross-technological ‘reality’ of A-nger is powered by a remote render farm. KentADIP joined forces with Taiwan’s National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC, NARLabs) to bring to life this story of a young Tamalakaw shaman in a way that gives mutual respect to each’s spatial rules and uses iFlyover 3D to visit various ‘gates’ located across the island. Integrating the concept of ‘mind flight’ and the ‘territoriality’ of Taiwan’s mythological creatures, this installation creates a highly realistic experience using digitally rendered flight perspectives to ‘deconstruct’ 3D spatial images into a 2D space of interspersed video and photo images and text.

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