Chang Ki-Ya

Chang was born in the 1980s into a tea-farming family in the mountains of southwestern Taiwan. An active comic book artist and illustrator, she has only recently delved into the monster ‘genre’. She first made her mark on the comic-book scene in 2006 with her comic series Take Me to the Ballpark. In the summer of 2010, Chang launched her critically acclaimed comic series on English tea merchant John Dodd and his Chinese partner Lee Chun-Sheng in the magazine Creative Comic Collection, introducing the thrilling stories of Taiwan’s 19th-century tea boom to a postmillennial audience. In 2017, Chang created illustrations of Taiwanese folk monsters inspired by historical narratives, literary references, and nature that were published in Monsters of Taiwan. She is the creator and illustrator of the comic book series Extraordinary Men, Extraordinary Tea (vols. 1~3) and the illustrated book Monsters of Taiwan.

Eclipse Rising

Computer Aided Design
1181 X 303cm

This section takes its creative cue from the idea that Taiwan’s myriad monsters emerge to frolic during solar eclipses.

Illustration in Monsters of Taiwan

Computer Aided Design
122 X 184cm

Image Authorization: Linking Publishing Co., Ltd.

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