Nofi and his wife are both professional comic and graphic novel illustrators. Nofi’s author credits include the Impermanent Spirit graphic novel series and he was the cover and content illustrator for the Legend Has It tabletop game and graphic novel series. Nofi regularly weaves Taiwanese folktales, history, and mythology into his work, reflecting his desire to share with his readers the allure of Taiwan’s signal eccentricities. His preferred medium is hand-drawn sketches that are later digitally rendered and colored.

Legend Has It

Animation、Space Installation
Year: 2018

Legend Has It Card

Computer Aided Design
Year: 2017

Legend Has It’ centers on a secretive ceremony in which participants who survive to its conclusion are said to gain access to the help of supernatural creatures. When a group of mutual strangers meet for the first time at this ceremony, they come to suspect that their participation may be more than just happenstance. Could their decisions to be here today be part of a larger plan?

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