Su Jun-Ying Puppetry Troupe

Su Jun-Ying was born in 1989 in Shanhua, Tainan. Su graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, Tainan University of Technology and now lives and works in Tainan. He founded Su Jun Ying Puppetry Troupe and Su Da Xia Art Studio. He teaches art and performing arts in elementary and junior high schools. He has won Excellent Works (personal) and Gold Award (group) of Ministry of Education’s Art Scholarship Program. Growing up near Chingan Temple of Shanhua, Su was interested in paintings and other artworks in the temple. Because of the passion for puppetry, plus his painting and voice imitation skills, Su founded his own puppetry troupe and has been invited to perform in numerous places. In addition to puppet designing, stage designing, and props making, Su is also in charge of playwriting, directing, performing and designing. He often plays multiple roles by himself. Now, to attract young audience, Su also transfers Taiwanese local fruits, popular culture and cartoon characters into characters in his plays.

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