Taipei Legend Studio

Photo source:Artist


Photo source:Artist

Founded in 2015, Taipei Legend Studio brings together local cultural history and innovative creativity. Under the banner ‘Returning Spirit to the City’, the studio infuses traditional Taiwanese stories into its games and novels. Its growing paranormal wing include recent publications such as Yaoism, Ghoul Hunters, and The Medical Benefits of Taiwanese Paranormal Studies as well as novels such as Legend Has It and The Return of Kimtshái..


Legend Has It

Legend Has It is a series of novels based on Taipei Legend Studio’s tabletop game of the same name. Although the ceremony and initial scenario are largely the same, this is where the similarities between the two end. A personal comparison is needed to appreciate the cleverly concealed secrets. Legend Has It are fantasy novels built over a mystery story superstructure. What is the true purpose of this mysterious ceremony? What brought all of the participants together? How will this mystery ultimately unravel? More than retelling traditional Taiwanese folk stories, this novel series spotlights historical memories and important social issues on its way to handling the complexities of supernatural creatures. Legend Has It is both a work of love for the Taipei Legend Studio and the hard-won fruit of countless hours of research and investigation.


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