Zakurokun is a professional artist and designer who creates original art pieces, accepts commissions to produce illustrations for books and other publications, and works with various companies on advertising. He draws inspiration for his artwork from East Asian history, folk traditions, mythology, and legends.

The Daily Grind

Computer Aided Design

Reflecting his adept capabilities as a postmillennial computer graphic artist, Zakurokun’s Portfolio of Taipei Yōkai takes a contemporary kuso (offbeat or ‘camp’) perspective on his subjects and, in drawings created in a variety of artistic styles, pokes wittily sarcastic fun at social mores and tired aphorisms and pillories the hypocrisy in widely accepted morals. The artist bares his innermost desires … sometimes, it seems, simply for the pleasure of doing so. Zakurokun’s digitally drawn monsters highlight the almost limitless numbers of artistic styles and formats possible in this medium – from single-panic comics and comic strips to fandom art, theatrical creations, simulations, and illustrations. His portfolio of subway creatures was an important inspiration for this exhibit’s exploration of demonology.

Portfolio of Taipei Yōkai

Computer Aided Design

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