Mixed up, Messed up Monster Tales – Paranormal Creatures in Oral Literary Traditions across our World

Performer/Lecturer: Somanana Rain
「生牲不息—屍生蟲、活屍與食人妖」,09/21(六)14:30, 102共享吧
「但聞人語響—家具、工藝品與物怪」,11/02(六)14:30, 102共享吧

Food and drink, utensils, space, and behaviors construct and define the cadence of our everyday existence. You will understand, then, the disturbance that we felt when one day our predictable daily routine was upended by the discovery of less food at our dinner table. Moreover, only yesterday, a tool that we’d long used without problem stopped working suddenly. Also, in the space we’d always occupied, the rustling of papers could be heard where no papers could be found. What’s more, the work that we had been able to finish without problem yesterday simply couldn’t be finished today, no matter how hard we tried.

That Time posits that when the certainties of life go awry, it may be because a monster has crossed our path. Although unseen, you may be able to hear it if you try. Stick your arms out in front of you and you may even be able to feel its fur, its skin … and maybe even its slobber. Generation after generation of experience and sharing has given us all a detailed understanding of the characteristics of the monsters that inhabit the shadows. When you remember and share their stories, you invite them through the veil into our reality. But in so doing, make sure not to skimp on the details or forget to describe their powers in full lest you contribute to their attenuation and ultimate disappearance from our world.

Somanana Rain

Somanana Rain revels in taking long walks and his chance encounters with the crumbling, cratered corpses of dead trees.He is a professional reteller-performer of traditional oral folktales and an accomplished researcher of oral literature of various types and narrative formats from disparate cultures around the world. He has been delivering lecture-format performances around Taiwan via his World Folktale Lecture series since 2014.

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