Opening Performance of the Exhibition

Time: 2019/7/14(Sun.)17:00
Place: Art Space 1, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab

Performers: Yang Show King + Taiwan Liam-kua Smile Folksong Group
Program: (1) Auntie Tiger (2) Zodiac Creatures – The Feud Between Cats and Rats

Performer: Flyinsnow 飛雪
Program: sound landscape, untitled

Performer: Amale Gadhu 阿瑪樂

Performers: Su Jun Ying Puppetry Troupe
Program: The Glittering Monsters in Taiwan

Yang Show-King

Yang is a nationally acclaimed Taiwanese folk ballad (liām kua) performance artist. She first encountered the folk ballad genre when she was only 7 years old and began her professional career at the tender age of 12. Across her seven-decade career, she has shown exceptional talent in weaving together various Taiwanese musical stylings. She helped fuel Taiwanese opera’s modern renaissance, transforming these largely song-based temple operas into a mixed story and song experience with a narrator and actors taking on multiple parts. This modern update on traditional theater is now known in academic circles as the “narrative folk ballad” subgenre. Yang has won many national awards for her role in reviving this local performance genre and for her own refined performance talents.

Taiwan Liam-kua Smile Folksong Group

“Liām-kua” is a Taiwanese traditional art form facing the crisis of succession as time changes. With the mission to preserve and revive heritage, Chu Chien-Chih joint with Lim Tien-An to establish the Taiwan Liam-kua Smile Folksong Group; to learn this traditional performance from Liām-kua masters like Yang Show-King. Together, they push the edge further with attempts to adapt traditional plots and themes in the modern setting, along with innovative ideas and cross-genre collaborations in music and visual arts.

Flyinsnow 飛雪

Flyinsnow base in Kaohsiung. Wandering among Karaoke place, bar, choir, Enka and old songs in Mandarin and dialect since childhood, and self-learning Guzheng. Starting to learn software on my own in college, and sample the sound of computer, playing Guzheng, keyboard, vocal, guitar and the surroundings in city and daily life. Converting any form of sound, instrumental or non-instrumental, into digital sound. Dreaming collectively with public in between the wild and civilization.

Su Jun Ying Puppetry Troupe

Su Jun-Ying was born in 1989 in Shanhua, Tainan. Su graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, Tainan University of Technology and now lives and works in Tainan. He founded Su Jun Ying Puppetry Troupe and Su Da Xia Art Studio. He has won Excellent Works (personal) and Gold Award (group) of Ministry of Education’s Art Scholarship Program. Growing up near Chingan Temple of Shanhua, Su was interested in paintings and other artworks in the temple. Because of the passion for puppetry, plus his painting and voice imitation skills, Su founded his own puppetry troupe and has been invited to perform in numerous places. In addition to puppet designing, stage designing, and props making, Su is also in charge of playwriting, directing, performing and designing. He often plays multiple roles by himself. Now, to attract young audience, Su also transfers Taiwanese local fruits, popular culture and cartoon characters into characters in his plays.

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